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About Shear Irony Salon a salon that may have never been...

It was early 2005 when John spoke the words that would change their lives; “We should open a salon.” He didn’t realize Paul would take that statement so literally. Paul has a passion for business and hoped he would have his own one day. That’s when it all began. You see, John never wanted to own a salon. He was very content operating as an independent contractor, but Paul was up for the challenge. The search was on for a location and a name.In 1998 John’s mom Sharon was diagnosed with breast cancer. She lost her battle in December 2003. She was only 58. Sharon was a great mother, sister, grandmother and friend. As any son would, John struggled with her passing and wanted to be sure her legacy lived on. She was a selfless person who would place family before herself. Her love and compassion for others flowed continuously. She is missed every single day.

When trying to come up with a name for the new salon, John said the word “ironic” had to be used in the name since it was ironic he was going to own a salon. After a very short time of playing with words, Shear Irony was being tossed around. They soon realized “shear irony” spelled out Sharon. That was it! The salon was to be called Shear Irony.

On May 1, 2005, Shear Irony Salon in Las Vegas was opened. John had mentioned to Paul on occasion that he would love to retire in Flagstaff. Paul was not familiar with Flagstaff, but it peeked his curiousity. They decided to take a trip to Flagstaff in early 2006. Paul fell in love with the mountain town and thought “why wait until retirement age to move?” A short three months later they were back in Flagstaff and ultimately made an offer on a salon. Not what they had planned at all. On July 31, 2006, Shear Irony Salon in Flagstaff opened. For the following 7 years, John and Paul commuted between Las Vegas and Flagstaff. The Las Vegas location was sold and now they call the beautiful mountain town of Flagstaff home.

John and Paul strive to provide a warm, inviting and relaxing environment. While business ownership has its struggles and satisfactions, Shear Irony will always first and foremost represent love and compassion just as Sharon lived her life.